Sincerely ,
Shit. Fuck. Cock. Balls.

I’m not great at change. 

But you wouldn’t know that with the year I’ve had. 

All since November I’ve gotten engaged. Gotten a new car. Moved in a new home, that my fiance owns. Gotten a tiny puppy. and drum roll please…tomorrow I start my new job in a completely different field than I’ve been working in the last 4+ years. 

Change is good, or so they say. But what do they say about so much change at once? My hope is good things but time will be the judge. My only hope is that the verdict be in my favor. I have no room for complaint, it’s all been postive. I only wish my life would stop spinning and let me catch up. 

My insides are tied in knots and no matter how many deep breaths I take I never feel like I’ve inhaled.